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But to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.

“ You don't know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” Bob Marley 

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"My mission in life

is not merely to survive, but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion,

some compassion, some humor,

and some style." - Maya Angelou 

Phantom Limb Pain (PLP) and Residual Limb Pain (RLP) are not well understood however this pain is debilitating, not often discussed, and impacts the majority of amputees immediately following their amputation and thru their lifetime.  When you're missing a limb, it's more than just replacing it with a prosthesis.  It's healing the nervous system at the base of pain that's only felt by amputees.  PLP-RLP is complicated to understand and published material is not written for the layperson.  All info from academic sources are ancient and only involves rodents, no trials on people.  Info on effective alternative treatments, some of which have not yet been approved by FDA, are only available thru alternative medical providers.  Hopkins is in an interesting special circumstance.  He's an educated research pharmacist with a complicated medical history on a variety of medications.  He's an amputee and has debilitating PLP-RLP.  The result of his career provided him with the financial resources to conduct clinical research on himself using a diversity of traditional and alternative treatments for the past three years.  He's preparing to release results of his 3 year clinical trials & health data. 

In 2016, Mr. Hopkins experienced a painful and traumatic amputation caused by sepsis.  He was prescribed heavy opiods.  Since his research, he's lowered his dose by 75%.  He continues a low maintenance dose to handle underlying pain, especially during sleep.  He was told by his doctors that Fentanyl was his only Rx alternative.  Not only is Fentanyl a dangerous drug, but it's also a band-aid approach to a much larger complex medical situation. 


The Hopkins Foundation Mission is to

  • Discover viable solutions that heal & relieve debilitating PLP-RLP pain.

  • Reducing use of opioids & fentanyl.

  • Optimize enjoyment & quality of life for individuals with debilitating pain, terminal illness and disability.

Sponsorship supports:

  • Research efforts in the areas of Amputee Phantom Limb Pain and Residual Limb Pain.  The majority of research focuses on neurological PNS and CNS disorders.

  • Fund pain relief treatments for amputees.

  • Community involvement programs for individuals (& their families) with debilitating pain, terminal illness or disability.

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