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The Hopkins Foundation offers Designs for Health natural supplements that we take ourselves and recommend to our friends, family and those we serve. This line of nutritional supplements are designed by health care professionals, for health care professionals.   As part of their Science First™ philosophy and commitment to advancing the research and application of dietary compounds, Designs for Health supports clinical trials in partnership with major academic and research institutions. These efforts investigate the nutrients and other compounds leveraged in all formulas to expand the scientific understanding of biological actions and influence on human health.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for our internal support systems and goes much deeper than macronutrients and calories we can obtain from a compromised food system. Supplements can influence internal biochemical reactions, allowing the removal of neutralization of free radicals. There are a plethora of supplements available, which can be overwhelming for many. The Hopkins Foundation gives their recommendations for the most effective supplements which they believe can help his patients gain better control of their overall health. 


In each category below, we give a brief explanation of our most recommended supplements and a brief description of their purpose.  In addition, we give peptide recommendations for each category.  Since 1921, with the synthesis of the first therapeutic peptide, insulin, there have been remarkable achievements resulting in the approval of more than 80 peptide drugs worldwide.​  Research and excitement continue to expand as our knowledge continues to grow.

You can order any of the products below at

There is hassle-free online ordering with free 2 day shipping on orders greater than $49.  

Supplement Protocols & Recommendations

Links to Recommended Products, Fact Sheet & Supplement Store
Welcome to WELL WORLD

In addition, we offer you free access to our WELL WORLD platform and mobile app that provides you with all the information you need to follow a personalized health and wellness plan — dairy-free, gluten-free recipes, 14 & 28 day meal plans, shopping lists, daily guidance and recommended supplements.    

The Well World App allows you to track your progress in key areas, and your practitioner will be able to follow along. The more you track, the more your practitioner will understand how the plan is working for you, where it needs to be adjusted and how best to support you.

FIRST, become a member and complete the survey below.  You'll provide general information such as gender, age, lifestyle information and health goals.  WELL WORLD provides a personalized supplement recommendation based comprised of one or more Designs for Health products. This survey is appropriate for all general audiences.  If you have questions, you'll have access to a nurse or you may connect with The Hopkins Foundation providers directly.

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