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Tim Hopkins, Pharmacist

Tim Hopkins, R.Ph, MBA

Chairman and CEO, The Hopkins Foundation, Inc.  He is Chairman and CEO of four additional corporations serving on board of directors.

Mr Hopkins suffers from several neurological and autoimmune disorders.  For over 4 years he has focused on an effective alternative treatment plan for himself.  He has over three decades of education and experience focused on the central and peripheral nervous system.  He has extensive experience in cellular homeostasis, nutrition, metabolism, respiration and proliferation on nerve cells.  


Mr. Hopkins is a third generation Pharmacist from the State of Ohio and maintains his active Ohio Pharmacist license.  He has a diverse background in healthcare and over 3 decades experience in pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, advanced compounding, organic chemistry, peptides, anabolic-catabolic agents, amino acids, co-enzymes and natural supplementation.

Mr. Hopkins graduated from University of Cincinnati, College of Pharmacy earning his Pharmacist degree in 1993 and completed his education at Williams College of Business, Xavier University in 2000 earning Master's Degree.   He has over 30 years executive leadership experience for Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Hopkins is a successful businessman involved in the sale of multiple public-private companies and running multi-billion dollar organizations.  He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, business development, revenue generation and successful entrepreneurial ventures.  

He is passionate about his family, his faith and his life's purpose to heal humanity.  He races exotic sports cars as a hobby, winning or placing in several national events.  His goal is to set the world record of 262 MPH in standing half mile on airstrip racing.  He is a proud Pharmacist, Buckeye and Bearcat.

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