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Tim & his wife discovered Christ & their life purpose as a result of tragedy & awakening.

Sometimes you find that your mess becomes your mission. 

In our case, it became our life's conviction.

Neurological Pain doesn't have to be a life sentence of suffering.

The Hopkins Foundation is on a mission to heal.

The Hopkins Foundation was founded for those who  suffer from chronic pain & strive for a better life.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Hopkins Foundation was founded to conduct clinical research on nervous system and autoimmune disorders.  Our mission is to restore health and independence to amputees & disabled warriors by developing effective clinical treatments to heal their pain, disability and disease. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce pain and suffering caused by these disorders by conducting research for viable health restoration.  More than half of amputees have considerable PLP-RLP impacting their independence and enjoyment of life. 

Meet Tim Hopkins

Chairman & CEO, The Hopkins Foundation

"Fast Dolph" of ExoticOutlaw Racing, LLC

Mr. Hopkins passion for ending pain and suffering guided him to retire from his highly credentialed career in Pharmaceuticals to start his foundation.  As a successful businessman as well as an amputee, Hopkins is pursuing his dream as a philanthropist and improving the lives of many.

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Tim Hopkins, RPh

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