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Modulating NAD+ levels has therapeutic potential for vari­ous health conditions, as it affects mitochondrial function and cellular energy production. Increasing NAD+ levels through supplementation or other means enhances mitochondrial function and energy production in nerve cells. This, in turn, could lead to improved cellular health, better nerve function, and potentially enhanced cellular repair mechanisms.


My experience with NAD+ combined with an anti-inflam­matory diet resulted in reduction in my daily pain scores, improved neurological function and reduction in dosage of medications for pain. It demonstrated a positive impact on pain control, reducing daily pain scores from 8-10 to 1-2 and greatly improved my peripheral neuropathy, phantom-re­sidual limb pain and functioning of my muscles. Using NAD+ on a daily basis, combined with other peptide agents, supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet has reduced my opiate consumption by 80%, elimination of 10 pharmaceuticals and my nervous system no longer feels “clunky”.

The Impact of NAD+ & Anti-Inflammatory Diet on Neurological and Pain Disorders:

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