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What is Ozonated Autohemotherapy O3-AHT?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Written by Tim Hopkins, RPh, MBA

For over three decades, I have studied the central and peripheral nervous systems. My studies were centered around primary and secondary interconnected nervous systems which regulate body functions to sustain life including all aspects of the nerve cell and its numerous functions, ecosystems, cellular homeostasis, healing neurological-autoimmune disorders, and overall body health. It wasn't until when my pain management provider discussed O3-AHT that I considered IV treatment as part of my research study and healthcare regimen.

O3-AHT provides nutrients, peptides, amino acids and enzymes administered directly into the bloodstream by IV or subcutaneous administration (like Insulin). It's is the medical process of taking a person’s blood (one pint), adding ozone, then passing the blood through special tubing with UVA, UVB and UVC lights, and reintroducing it via IV over 30-45 minutes. O3-AHT is effective against numerous health conditions and is known to boost vitality, metabolism, balance hormones, increase oxidation, increase energy, stimulate the immune system and accelerate healing.

Cells lacking oxygen or nutrients have to convert energy supply in order to maintain their function. According to scientists, if mitochondria are depleted of oxygen and nutrients, mitochondria are reprogrammed. Lack of oxygen affects all body processes such as healing, repair, hormones, and circulation which lead to toxicity and degenerative diseases.

Research studies support O3-AHT to ameliorate insomnia, reduce pain intensity, improve negative mood, and alleviate fatigue more effectively without serious adverse complications. The treatment provided improvements in quality of life and general health status for fibromyalgia patients suffering from pain, swelling and inactivity. O3-AHT exhibits beneficial effects as an adjuvant therapy in patients with hepatitis B, diabetes, degenerative eye disease, complex regional pain syndrome, ischemic peripheral vascular disease and osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Low-dose ozone treatment has been universally accepted as a treatment for lumbar disc herniation, arterial atherosclerosis, ischemic cerebrovascular disease and a number of other diseases. O3-AHT was demonstrated to alleviate the pain of cancer patients, and during the treatment, a decline in the blood uric acid levels was detected.

I was interested in this treatment due to its macro impact on disease states but also the micro impact to mitochondria of nerve cells and the potential to PLP-RLP nerve pain. I credit this treatment with opening my eyes to what is possible with IV therapy and what it's done for me and my PLP-RLP has been monumental.

My results are based on a complex regimen designed by my medical team and myself. Please connect with your medical team to determine if this treatment could help you.


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