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Glutathione: critical peptide for neurological pain & autoimmune

Glutathione is a thiol-containing tripeptide that plays an important role in cell biology. Glutathione is regarded as a master antioxidant because it has a critical role in neutraliz­ing reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals. It plays an important role in neurological pain in terms of oxidative stress and inflammation of neurons. Due to anti-inflamma­tory properties of Glutathione, it helps in the regulation of inflammatory processes in the nervous system. Glutathione helps in alleviation of pain and reduces the sensitization of pathways responsible for pain in the nervous system. It is useful in neutralizing free radicals that cause cellular damage. Glutathione includes the maintenance of mitochondrial functions. Glutathione has various practical uses as well as recommen­dations due to its antioxidant detoxification properties and other health benefits.

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